GP Surgery Information

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This link takes you to the community services page, where you will find links to individual GP practices, grouped by area, then by town or village.

General Information

Patients registered with a doctor who practices in a partnership may consult and be treated by other doctors in the practice.

If you require a doctor outwith normal consulting times, you should telephone your doctor’s surgery in the normal way.  Your call will be diverted or you will be advised of the individual arrangements for your practice.

If you have moved home and wish to register with a new doctor, or if you wish to change your doctor for any reason, simply ask the doctor of your choice if s/he is willing to accept you as a patient.  It is helpful if you can give your medical card to the doctor.  If you cannot find your medical card, the doctor will provide a form for you to complete.  In either case, please ensure that your correct address is shown in full - including your post code.

The doctor is not obliged to accept you as a patient.  If you have difficulty in being accepted, please write to:
Common Services Agency, Clifton House, Clifton Place, Glasgow, G3 7LN, Tel:  0141 300 1300
Common Service Agency will allocate you to the list of a doctor who practises in the locality in which you live.  The doctor will be advised and you will receive a new medical card informing you of her/his name and the surgery address.