Scottish Emergency Dental Service

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Out-of-Hours Service for Dental Patients

What is the service?
The service is available for all patients registered with dental practices that have agreed to participate in the scheme, which is integrated with the Scottish Emergency Dental Service (SEDS).  Patients may wish to check with their individual practices regarding participation.  The service is also available for patients who have not yet registered for NHS dental care and treatment.

How does the service operate?
If a patient has a dental emergency out-with regular surgery hours, they will be advised to contact NHS24 on 111.  A dental nurse will discuss the patient’s dental problem and provide appropriate advice as to whether the patient can be directed for emergency, urgent, or routine dental treatment.

What happens for patients whose practice is not participating in SEDS?
For these patients, out-of-hours dental services will be provided in accordance with the individual practice’s own in-house arrangement.

How can a registered patient find out more?
By contacting their own dental practice for information.

How can a non-registered patient find out more?
For information on the Scottish Emergency Dental Service arrangements please view the SEDS Arrangements leaflet:

What happens during the day for non-registered patients?
If you have a dental emergency and are not registered with a dentist you can telephone the Dental Helpline on 0845 602 6417 between 8am and 6pm to speak to a call handler.  If a call handler is unable to take your call straight away, you will be asked to leave a message so you can be contacted by return.  A dental nurse will then discuss your dental problem and provide appropriate advice and confirm whether you require to be directed for emergency, urgent, or routine dental treatment.  If an emergency or urgent appointment is to be allocated, you will be given details of the time and place of the SEDS clinic to attend.  The Dental Helpline will appoint you to the nearest clinic and appointment time available based on the priority level of treatment the dental nurse has indicated e.g. emergency, urgent or routine.

How do you register with an NHS Dentist?
Click here to see which practices / clinics are accepting NHS registrations.

How can you comment on the service?
If you wish to make a comment, compliment or complaint, you can speak directly to a member of staff by calling 01387 245530 after 10am, Monday to Friday.

Alternatively, you may prefer to make a written comment, compliment or complaint.  In this case, please write to:

Senior Dental Nurse, SEDS
Dumfries Dental Centre
Bankend Road

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